Play Craps Tips and Strategies

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Craps Strategies

A good play craps strategy is all that is needed for you to win massively in a matter of hours. The best craps tip you will ever get is: be patient and adjust your strategy to the developments. Online play craps offer free bonuses, which you may well use to perfect your strategy.

Tips for beginners

In land-based casinos, it is normal to ask the croupier for advice. In online play craps casinos, this practice is somewhat different. However, the usual choice is the pass bet, but don’t forget to calculate the odds. If you’re a play craps beginner, bet on the numbers at the top of the table for starters. Avoid prop bets as to avoid confusion. Make sure to use free bonuses to get to know the bet types, and move to more complex ones once you’re familiar with them. Placing a pass bet is never a poor decision, so try perfecting it first.

Avoid across bets at first, as you will need to play all top numbers. If you really wish to try it, make sure to use free bonuses or invest the minimum amount. Back to the pass bet: bet on six and eight.

This is a simple strategy and won’t earn you much money, but it will earn you some funds on top of allowing you to play craps for free. The C & E Bet is what every craps player ends up aiming for in the end. Make sure to press the bets at this point, as this will increase your odds at winning. Bet against the shooter if applicable, but only if you know what you’re doing. Know that this practice is likely to annoy other players.

Advanced craps strategies

Advanced play craps strategies include betting hardways. Here’s how it works: place a $1 chip on the number 8. If you win, you will get $10. In the long run, you may easily turn it to $1,000 if you have a good play craps strategy.

And lastly, never forget that exactly everyone was a beginner at craps once. What you have that others didn’t is the unique benefit of playing craps online – for free. Online play craps casinos offer more than generous bonuses (which are also reloaded regularly), which you may well turn into real prizes when you come up with a viable strategy.

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